Open Innovation and  Entrepreneurship Platform

Our main intend for establishing this platform is to present better products to our customers through realizing new ideas and to share such ideas with our stakeholders.

Presenting the Perfect Ideas to our Customers

Ever increasing competitive climate with each passing day has an important role in the formation and progress of innovativeness. Acceleration in the R&D activities and the technological developments have complicated the conditions of the competition and caused the formation of innovation strategies. Performing the innovation and entrepreneurship activities under these conditions of competition, has brought the financial and organizational success to Temsa.


Who to work with?

As Temsa family, our open innovation and  entrepreneurship platform is open to everyone. 


We are open to work with all suppliers, entrepreneurs, academicians, designers...that is, with anyone who can make a contribution to the platform.

How can you work with us?

If you think you can work with us, you can send your suggestions to improve our business model together with a new technology or design through filling the form on Your ideas are invaluable to us.